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Exotic Colored PRE Andalusian & Lusitano Horses


Established in 1989, Sommer Ranch continues to offer some of the finest Iberian horses available for purchase in the United States.  We occasionally offer outside Andalusians & Lusitanos through a nationwide sales referral program. This service compliments our own offering of equine companions in an array of unique and exotic colors, including cream and pearl. Please contact us regarding any horses you may be interested in. We will be happy to supply more details on the Sommer Ranch related stock or get the sellers in contact with you directly on the referral horses.


Ebonista Feliz de Carel
Woman Riding Horse Feliz de Carel

Expected in March of 2021 out of our Oreo daughter, Ebonista (Smokey Black Grey - carries chestnut) and sired by Feliz du Carel (perlino carries chestnut). This cross should produce BIG movement and a sweet personality. Sire has to throw a cream gene to every foal. Offspring could be Cremello, Palomino, Perlino, Buckskin, Smokey Black or Smokey Cream. Wow...this is a nail biter.

We can't wait to see what we get this year.  Mare is heterozygous for Grey. Most of her babies DO NOT carry the grey gene.

Patina Apollo del Solis
Patina Apollo del Sollis

Our Oreo daughter, Patina de Bravio Oro represents some of the best blending of Bravio and Oriundo VG bloodlines. She is a cream/pearl carries a single black gene. Patina is not only a good riding horse, but also one of the best moms at Sommer Ranch, with three outstanding babies under her belt, including Alexi del Solis (double cream filly) and our amazing double pearl filly, Navi de la Paz (full sister to 2020 filly, Mazikeen de la Paz).  She is now in foal for the very first Apollo Del Solis offspring!!   This year's foal will either be a Cream/Pearl or Double Pearl!

Chantilly Apollo del Solis
Chantilly Apollo del Sollis

Chantilly is the ranch favorite. A wonderful saddle horse with TONS of character. We call her the ranch 'puppy'. She is sired by Palomo out of a Bravio daughter (Perla - see Foundation Mares). She is a 2015 Cream/Pearl on a bay base, carries chestnut and black. Her first foal in 2020 was a handsome Perlino colt (carries chestnut and no black) sired by Morante RM, an imported Palomino PRE stallion. 

In 2021 Chantilly will have one of the first Apollo Del Solis' babies for Sommer Ranch.  We can't wait!!

Pele de Perla Oriundo VG "Oreo"
Pele de Perla Oriundo VG “Oreo“

Pele de Perla is mother to our double pearl stallion, Apollo del Solis. She is also mother to Adagia and Isabeau "Izzie del Solis". Obviously one of our best producers. She is in foal and expecting a foal by our Oreo (Smokey Black) in 2021. Pele is a heterozygous grey Pearl (so 1/2 of her foals don't carry the grey gene and half will carry pearl - like Apollo and Izzie). This year's foal could be Cream/Pearl, Buckskin, Smoky Black , bay, grey, Black Pearl, Bay Pearl or Grey Pearl.



The first Oreo filly of the 2013 foaling season....a sweet and very adorable bay gal (DNA tested NO GREY) with a confirmed very rare & unique PEARL gene!! Adagia (aka "Addy") has absolutely no white on her. And she has rock star moves and a 'panther' like stride! This gal has serious sport horse potential....and the athletic ability and mind to perform Working Equitation. This young mare represents the perfect blending of Oreo and Bravio bloodlines. Proven broodmare. Going well under saddle in the arena and the trail. Will be bred to Felilz du Carel in 2021 if not sold.  Located in So. CA.  



Hi Suzan,
I have spoken and/or emailed with several people in different states during the course of my horse hunt and you stand out as one of the best business people. You were accessible to me for questions regarding not only the horses on your web site but what I needed to think about when interstate hauling. And you ALWAYS returned my emails or phone calls. I truly felt like you were interested in helping me, regardless of whether I purchased a horse from you or not. 
Sommer Ranch web site will be my first stop when I start looking for my next horse. Thanks again! 

Adalita (Bravio Granddaughter) was in her first show last weekend  that had All Breed Classes (that's about the best thing we have locally ;) I showed her in the halter class as well as showmanship under two judges in two days. Can I just brag and tell you that she placed third in All Breed Halter Mare both days (out of a class of 5 and 6), winning over QH mares in our class (which almost never happens in a QH show!). And she/we placed first both days in showmanship. She was phenomenal! Calm, quiet, patient, and available in spite of this being her first show experience. I was so proud of her!  I have some pics that a gal took of us and printed out - so will take a picture of the pictures and forward to you when I get home this evening.
I am so in love with my "little A". She has matured into such a sweet, sweet, best Pal, kinda girl :)

Heather Agustines

"Azulada aka Zula is now eating in our round pen after a good run about! She is sooooo beautiful! So smart!! I couldn't be prouder of her! She's talking to all the horses going by! She likes my hubby she went straight to him! 
Equine Express was great I'd recommend them highly! 
You are super awesome and I recommend you very highly! Your super professional and I like having a great repore with you! I'll keep you posted on Zulas exciting future. 
So Zula is here she's perfect and I love her!!! so many happy emotions!
From Zula and I who are chillen together we love ya! Zula says she's fine mom I'm just fine!"
Vikki Souto, British Columbia Canada
(Video Footage of Her Departure)

"Ametza's baby from last year is 14'3 now!!!!!! Dang your Oreo is throwing some BIG babies!"
Barbara Ross, VA


Suzan, it is no wonder you sell these babies (so quickly).  You are an amazing breeder of the most spectacular horses.  There are few that do it as well as you.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with Kahlua.  He's so freakin' smart, a great mover, sweet disposition and amazing looks.  I am so lucky to have him. 

M. Silberstein, WA


"You have such beautiful horses! I just adore our guy who came from your ranch. He’s our angel. You instill a good mind in these horses. Brio is so kind and gentle. He’s quieter than a senior quarterhorse and is so willing and giving. He’s really one in a million"

Brian Bentley


You have something special out there!  It’s so important for people purchasing horses to realize color isn’t a factor in choosing a well bred horse, despite all of us having our preference in coat color. You have something special because you didn’t forfeit any talent, exceptional bloodlines, or confirmation for color. You truly have it all! I really value the work you do!

G. Slover 

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