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Love our big elegant 2019 Oreo daughter.  Wonderful mover.   We couldn't be happier with the result of this live cover breeding.  Photo at 9 months of age

S. Rosales, Fallbrook, CA 


Black Oreo filly Black Oreo fillyandalusian filly

I had acquired a beautiful black PRE mare from a rescue situation. Since she was black and more on the average size, I had looked for almost a year for the perfect black stallion to breed to her. My standards for the perfect husband were very high. I have been breeding quality Andalusians for over 25 years, so I knew what I was looking for....a classic, animated stallion with a great temperament. I was lamenting to Suzan one day about how I couldn't find the right mate for my mare. She told me she had just acquired a new black stallion,Oreo, and to check him out. Turned out Oreo was just what I was looking for. He has the classic, Andalusian look about him, beautiful animated movement and conformation and temperament. One look at him and there is no doubt that he is an Andalusian and he would be the perfect match for Lucy!

Now the hard part. I had to convince Suzan to let me breed my mare to him that year. Since he was still young, she wanted to put more training into him before standing him at stud....but friendship won out and the breeding arrangements were made.

Lucy cooperated by coming into heat right away, but on the vet check, she looked like she would ovulate the next day. Thanks to Suzan and Scott's prompt response, they collected Oreo that morning and shipped out the semen immediately. I got it the next morning, the vet came out to inseminate, but alas, Lucy had already ovulated. Since the vet and the semen were already there, I told the vet to go ahead and inseminate since we had nothing to lose.

11 months later, Lucy presented us with a magnificent black colt. He was built like a tank, lots of substance, animated movement and a pussy-cat temperament. At his birth, my vet said that if I was going to breed Lucy again, then I should definitely use the same stallion since the result of their crossing was excellent!

Over the past few years I have seen several of Oreo's babies and the things that always just pop out at you is their substance, conformation, incredible agility and animation and their wonderful temperaments.

Oreo is definitely a breeding stallion of the highest quality!

Anita Alfaro
Spanish Eyes Ranch,
Home of Galileo

Here is our sweet Araceli de Oriundo, just two years old - can do almost anything with her!
Karen A. of BC Canada

My first experience with Suzan at Sommer Ranch was in 1999 as a “newbie” to the Andalusian breed, and breeding my first mare ever.  We had a successful breeding on the first heat cycle with shipped semen.  And to this day, the resulting mare, Salsa, is my favorite horse of all time.  Salsa is now 13 years old, and going strong, but I know she may start slowing down before I am ready to give up riding.  I decided to breed my next wonderful mount and knew that Suzan was standing a lovely stallion by the name of Oriundo VG.  I watched his foal crop for a few years and felt he had what I wanted in my next personal mount.  In 2012, I tried to breed Salsa’s dam again (now 16 years old, who had been open for 4 years).  Suzan provided 4 collections that year for me – all of which were excellent quality semen and delivered immediately upon request.  She is so professional and never once made me feel bad for asking for all the collections.  Unfortunately, although we got Catalina pregnant, she slipped her foal.  I made the difficult decision to not try again in 2013, based on her advancing age and the difficulty we had in 2012.  Suzan was very gracious about letting me use my breeding on a different mare.  As in 2012, the first collection and shipment for 2013 came immediately upon request and the semen quality was excellent. We are waiting now to check the mare in foal. I know that next year will be the year that my new forever partner will arrive, and I will have another wonderful foal to raise and love, just like Salsa.  Thank you Suzan for making it possible.  ~

Carla Shown
(side note:  this mare had a stunning smokey black filly in 2014 as a result of this Oreo breeding.)

Ametza's & Oreo's baby from last year is 14'3 now!!!!!! Dang your Oreo is throwing some BIG babies!
Barbara Ross, VA

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